“True Human Enlightenment will happen when all human beings on this planet have regulated their nervous systems.” – Peter Levine

Body Honor is a Trauma Informed Mindful Movement, Spiritual Wellness,
and Body Relationship Coaching Program for women that are ready to begin or continue on an inner journey, as well as a Physical journey as it relates to how they view their health, their body, and ultimately themselves and how they experience life.

Body Honor utilizes Neuroscience as its foundation and introduces the concepts of Neuroplasticity as well as Neurosensory exercises to help rewire the nervous system and transmute traumatic experiences, health challenges, and chronic health problems. We truly believe we can heal ourselves. You are your own healer.

Body Honor is a body centered transformational program based on three tenants:

We address this through Body Honor’s 3 pillars:

Movement Practices

Self-Care &

Personal Growth/Inner Resilience

Mission Statement

Body Honor’s mission is to guide women through letting go of past negative attachments, associations, and patterns in relation to self and the body. We help women reconnect the mind and body in a way that opens up and creates flow and ease in all areas of life. We aim to show women that there can be and IS another way of viewing their past experiences, ones that may have been viewed as dark, difficult, or shameful and transmuting those into light and an internal knowing that ALL parts of ourselves deserve love. We don’t heal through shame, we heal through love. We facilitate a coming back to love for all that you’ve been through, and realizing the body has been right by your side through it all, simply a desperately ignored friend just longing for connection, acknowledgement, and gratitude. Our motto is feel and heal..feel and heal.

Vision Statement

Body Honor envisions a world where women completely embody their true whole selves..connecting to all parts of themselves and allowing all emotions and feelings to flow through them so nothing stays stagnant in the body. Where women realize their past traumas, adversity, illness or injuries have served them in some beautiful way..they have not changed us..they have shaped us. A world where we look at our pain, whether physical, emotional or a blend of the two, in a completely different way. A way where are able to see what it was here to show us and teach us, to be able to honor it so they can then set it free.


Body Honor is here to serve through various channels

In Person Private Personal Training and Coaching

Working with Stacey or one of the Body Honor coaches IN person for the personal training/fitness aspect of the program. Coaching is done via IN person or Zoom conferencing dependent on availability. Inquire if in the SoCal area.

Online Private Personal Training and Coaching

Working with Stacey through online videos or Skype for the personal training/fitness aspect of the program. Coaching is done through Zoom conferencing. If Stacey is unavailable a Body Honor coach will also be an option at other price points.

VIP Intensives

In person option for those that live out of town but want to work with Stacey in a private capacity. Three hour or full day options available. Inquire for availability.

In Person Small Group Training
and Group Fitness Classes

Stacey has created a unique and never before done blend of strength training, therapeutic yoga, meditation, and spiritual coaching. In person group training and classes are 75 minutes and encompass all of the above for optimal healing. Monthly and custom groups available. Inquire if in the LA area.

Digital Courses

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Live Events

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Body Honor is for you IF :

  • You’re exhausted from all the negative Self-Talk
  • You’ve struggled with the whole “ Self-Love” movement…Because come on…it’s not easy!!!
  • You’re scrambling to fit it all in- Workouts, Yoga, Meditation, Journaling, the Inner Work..Seriously!!! Oh and yeah maybe Work, being a Wife, Motherhood, or just plain Life …you might have some other roles
  • You’re lost as to HOW to start this journey back home to Yourself, and especially in relation to your Body
  • You’re fighting for a Healthy Relationship with Yourself and food
  • You’re frustrated by a consistent injury or diagnosed chronic illness that hasn’t Healed
  • You feel trapped by an Autoimmune diagnosis or another vaguely “labeled” Chronic illness
  • You feel disconnected from your body based upon past traumatic experiences

You’re ready to FINALLY not let your external appearance run your life…and keep you hiding..and feeling small.

OR maybe you’re just one of my girls thats feeling quite a few of ALL he above…Thats how I was..I got you…thats why I created this. I am here with you.

*IN HOUSE therapists on referral


Stacey is wise beyond her years. While employing a plethora of tools to effectively guide you through your own unique healing journey, she is committed to making the process transformative for you. We even unlocked something from when I was in 2nd grade that was holding me back!! Stacey is compassionate and invests her whole self into each and every client, the Body Honor program masterfully encompasses self care, fitness, and wellness for the whole body and soul. Laura

“Stacey is not only a coach and a fitness mentor..she is a loving and nurturing soul who makes everyone feel at home in their own skin regardless of size, age, background, trauma stigma etc. Stacey and her Body Honor program came at a time when I had lost touch with my my body and wasn’t treating it with the love and respect it deserved . Working with Stacey, and being surrounded with such strong and beautiful women, I grew to admire and love my body and realize three things: 1. You are never alone on your journey, you just find your tribe 2. You can always start again and/or from anywhere you’re at 3. The Divine Feminine when combined with sincere vulnerability and honesty, is a really, really powerful and incredible thing.” Fiorella

“After two devastating personal tragedies, I had gained a substantial amount of weight and was no longer comfortable IN my own body. When I found Stacey I felt like a huge prayer had been answered. Stacey goes above and beyond and took and interest in the “whole” me. She believed in me during this entire process, which ultimately became a transformation. Stacey not only changed my body, but she changed my perspective on health, food, and my body image. Stacey cried tears of joy WITH me during my breakthroughs. Thank you Stacey for helping me rediscover myself again! Melanie

“Working with Stacy has changed my life in so many ways. I have watched myself grow, and change inside and out. I finally feel like my exterior is glowing like my interior always had, but I needed Stacey to help me realize it was always there in the first place. My biggest transformation was in the kitchen, I finally found balance with my emotional eating habits and learned how to listen to my body and what it needed as fuel and nourishment. It was a long journey full of sweat and even some tears, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. I trusted Stacey completely andI’m so appreciative for her being such a huge part of my transformation.” Andrea

“Stacey has been a consistent and bold light of hope and encouragement to me. I have always considered myself a failure when it comes to helping myself and doing good for my body and soul..but through Body Honor I’m now proud of myself; something I don’t often feel. She has not only taught me but instilled IN me that it’s ok to forgive yourself and still love and thank your mind, body, and soul even when you perceive yourself to fall short of your “goals”. Because of Body Honor not only do I listen to what my body needs, whether that be rest or movement or cake or kale, but I ACT on what I hear and that is a huge step for me. I used to ignore that voice of what I knew I truly needed and now I trust it. Its even made the communication in my relationship better and even got engaged as I started to do this work!!! I cannot wait to work with Stacey and Body Honor more and see what else is to come in these amazing programs which Stacey tirelessly dedicates herself to.” Erin

“As a lifelong overweight person, a new mom with a full time job and all the regular obstacles we all face everyday, starting on the path to good health, wellness, and fitness was a tremendous decision. I would never have made the decision to be healthy and “fit” without knowing that Stacey would be there to coach me every step of the way, not only in fitness and nutrition, but also in the huge psychological and emotional components in this journey. Stacey goes above and beyond the call of a coach and runs the emotional marathon with you. It’s no wonder kindred spirits converge around her, she is truly an inspiration. I know I’m one of many that can say that Stacey has changed my life for the better. She is helping me break generations of old patterns. She’s not only given me, but my child and family, the gift of health and self-compassion, and her influence is like a ripple effect that will touch so many more people than just those that work with her.” Barbara

“Stacey continues to blow me away with her unending passion and dedication she has to me, but it doesn’t stop there, she cares about every single individual in her programs. This is so rare to find. She’s invested in you and wants you to succeed in your journey just as much as you. Stacey’s knowledge of health, coaching, fitness, and wellness go beyond the “average Jane”. There has never been a time where I’ve seen her stumped as to how to work with a certain injury, illness, or issue. Stacey has helped me change my life, and learn its not about just getting “fit” but changing my lifestyle. She has been there through my tantrums, my breakdowns, and helped me work through my eating issues. She knows when you need compassion and knows when you need a mirror of tough love. She knows this because she LISTENS to us, and pays attention to every little detail in what were saying and how were showing up. Stacey is truly a rare gem. She always goes above and beyond to exceed my expectations on every level possible. I’ve been blessed with not only the opportunity to change my life but also the life of my daughter. I am learning so much and I am able to teach my daughter these things and set her up for a lifetime of health instead of instilling negative self talk and bad eating habits at a young age. That is something that is priceless.” Samantha

Owner and Founder of Body Honor

Stacey Cooper is a dynamic Body Centered Transformation Specialist, Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher, Youth Fitness Trainer and Spiritual Wellness Coach who has been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. Stacey revolutionized the fitness space through her internationally recognized fitness program, Bootycamp, where she helped hundreds of women not only change their body but completely change their lives. A lesser known fact is that behind the scenes Stacey was struggling with intense PTSD from a sexual assault that occurred at age 26. Stacey walked away from it all, including her thriving business, to start her healing journey and now is emerging to share her story of recovery and help others do the same. Her new venture back into the fitness and spiritual wellness space is Body Honor, where women work with Stacey

privately or work together in groups, in person or online to address how past traumas, body shame and self-loathing manifest in the body through health challenges, injuries, illness  and mental/emotional blocks. Stacey teaches and embodies a new way to look at yourself through eyes of self-compassion for all your body has been through, and learning how to truly LISTEN to your bodies varying needs at different phases in your life.

Stacey is also now the founder of a Social Impact Movement called I AM A Lighthouse which helps those recovering from trauma or facing adversity by sharing tools, resources, inspiring stories, interviews and community with live events and incredible people walking the path of light. Stacey’s personal mission is to release the stigma of the word trauma, teach women of the world self compassion, and introduce solution oriented dialogue that includes men in our young boys into the conversation, and for all of us to know our pain is our purpose, and healing is possible for everyone. We’re not alone in our doubt and shame, confusion and overwhelm, darkness and shadows, and there IS a light and a love in all of us that can never be extinguished. By August 2018 Stacey will also be a Certified Violence Prevention Specialist speaking in the LA area about domestic, sexual, and interpersonal violence. Stacey currently speaks on podcasts and stages around the US on rape culture and trauma resilience.

While being taught by the worlds most renowned doctors, physical therapists, trainers, nutritionists, and spiritual “gurus” of our time Stacey brings her own unique integrative and holistic approach to all that she does. Stacey is passionately dedicated to leading the industry in cutting edge personal training, therapeutic yoga, and spiritual wellness coaching through her continuing personal education and research in the field, giving her clients unparalleled personal success. Many experts can get credentials but few immerse themselves in the real work and follow the true path of the journey to embodiment of what they are called to teach. Stacey has studied and mentored with Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith, Marci Lock, Regan Hillyer, Lisa Nilsen and Nichole Sylvester – just to name a few. Stacey’s path wasn’t easy; she knows what it takes to be in peak physical performance and the external perception of “success,” but also knows all too well what it’s like when the body is injured and stressed and for the mind to “fail”, to a near fatal degree due to debilitating depression and anxiety and all emotional bodies were in desperate need of care. The constant stress Stacey put her physical body through of rigorous boxing training and bikini competitions (not to mention the emotional pain she wasn’t addressing) had taken it’s toll. In 2012 it led to a complete physical and emotional breakdown. As mentioned, this was a catalyst to her healing journey and it led her to her Spiritual mentors and her studies at Loyola Marymount University in Yoga Therapy ( yoga as a healing therapy and science ) for more of a balanced mind/body/fitness education to bring not only to herself and her own wellness but now to her clients. Stacey also became trained in trauma informed movement practices, bodywork and soft tissue assessment as well as breath work, as she learned the holding patterns of trauma in the body can be quite complex and there needs to be a lot of tools in the tool kit. She is also specialist in myofascial release, a modalities she feels that is still underused and grossly underestimated in its connection to our overall health, fitness, nervous system and our ability to release and move on to intended goals – spiritual and physical. She continued on in her studies in Neuroscience and Trauma mentoring with Irene Lyons who studied directly under the father of Somatic Experiencing Peter Levine. Stacey will also be a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach by December 2019 as the transmutation of trauma is the main foundation in her coaching practice.

Stacey has been a frequent speaker on health and wellness for American Heart Association, Women’s Health Coalition and at various hospitals. She has been a published writer in Santa Barbara Fitness and Coastal Woman, and she has been recognized in Shape Magazine, Santa Barbara Magazine, Iron Man Magazine, Santa Barbara News Press, The Daily Sound and more. Stacey has led inspiring workouts at National Conferences for world renowned motivational speaker Jack Canfield ( Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles ) as well as The Barbara Ireland Cancer Walk, and Cancer Institute of Santa Barbara. Stacey has been nominated for multiple awards one of which includes The Gutsy Gal Award ( former winners include Kathy Ireland ) and has even received a certificate of Congressional Recognition for her work with the Womans Coalition. In the Bikini Fitness Bodybuilding arena Stacey has won the BMR West Coast Classic Team Award, placed 1st and 3rd in her two personal competitions, Global Physique Recognition of Service award and currently holds the record for most team competitors from a single area in bodybuilding history.


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